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Have you ever had a question about your brand, your business or other stuff that you'd like to have answered, but simply didn't know where to go?

Ever wonder how to increase your revenue? If there's a better way for you to run your business? Find better resources? Get an experienced viewpoint on your current dilemma?

Well, that's why I created FrankelTips, a weekly publication that invites your discussion, questions and comments every Monday. The way I see it, not everyone wants -- or can afford -- a consultant's high rates. FrankelTips keeps you in the loop with the very best branding, revenue and business strategies and tactics.

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You get the actionable stuff you can really use. Which is probably why FrankelTips has been called the best brand-driven business discussion list on the web.

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There are no archives, although some commentaries and articles do end up as e-books available for $14.95 at the online store.

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